18 Dec 2010


since the day i started to use tumblr (thanks to Ashley), I've learned how to live my own life easier :). i stop thinking much about other people before doing something. i begin to think more, talk less (and it's somehow killing me haha). and last but not least, i realize that i'm not alone in this world. there are so many people out there suffering what life is treating them, being affraid to come out to their friends/family, standing how even people they love cannot accept them, living by themselves alone, .... just like me here wondering who i really am. that's the life we get with no any choice, and we live with no any direction. however, we must move on no matter what happens in order to see what we are waiting for in such a long time, 'cause life keeps going on, time keeps going by and we keep growing up.
to be honest, i just wish i can die happy with whom i love when i am an old gay man.

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