30 Dec 2010

I hate it when I have to borrow someone's thoughts to describe mine, but here I go anw..

'I am currently single. actually fuck that, not just “currently”…I’ve never dated anyone in my entire life. Yeah that may be hard for you guys to believe, but its the truth. I’m very insecure when it comes to dating someone, mostly because of my trust issue with people. Like I said before I trust way to many people and everyone I know has let me down in some way. So I feel that I don’t want to get into a relationship and fall in love with someone, and in the end get let down worse than anyone else has. I’m afraid of getting hurt by someone I love. I’ve hooked up with people, and have been flirty, and have come close to dating, but in the end I guess its always me that backs away, and it sucks. I don’t want to get hurt yet I feel really lonely that I don’t have that one person who makes me feel amazing. That one person who makes me be happy to be alive. And that feeling for the last few months has been overpowering the feeling of being afraid of getting hurt, so I believe come the New Year, I finally want to open myself up and start dating and find the one thats meant for me.'
- from Lucas.

Ps: those feelings completely fit me.

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