31 Dec 2010

Accidentally, today i want to post someone's love story on my blog. maybe to make me feel that something miracle can happens :)

"well we had started talking before we came to college (like almost all of the gays here at my school did) and we were friendly and things seemed great, but I had gotten into another boy before hand so it didn’t go further than that. We got to school and I had completely had my heart broken by this other boy and I was just devastated.
Eventually he messaged me again on msn and asked if I had wanted to go to lunch and through chatting we found out that we both lived in the same dorm (excellent perk!) We went on a lunch date it was one of the most awkward days ever because they boy who had broken my heart had showed up and asked to eat with us and I had just hated every single moment of it. We continued talking and asking each other random questions. I remember one night we went into our school’s arboretum and sat on a picnic table and talked about our insecurities and home and everything in between. I also remember that I discovered he had a crush on two people on campus, me and this other girl, and we played coy not saying that we liked each other. Finally, he asked to be my boyfriend and we even ended up being in the same play during our first semester :P
Now we’ve been together for 3 years! I’m sure he’ll read this later so hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything :3"
from myuz

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