16 Feb 2011


all those days, watching from the windows
all those years, outside looking in
all that time, never even knowing
just how blind I've been

now I'm here, blinking in the starlight
now I'm here, suddenly I see
standing here, it's all so clear
I'm where I'm meant to be

and at last I see the light
and it's like the fog has lifted
and at last I see the light
and it's like the sky is new
and it's warm and real and bright
and the world has somehow shifted
all at once, everything looks different, now that I see you.

flower, gleam and glow
let your power shine
make the clock reserve
bring back what once was mine

heal what has been hurt
change the fates' design
save what has been lost
bring back what once was mine

when will my life begin

It's not your fault for hurting me.

It's mine..

.. for thinking you wouldn't.
Love me, or hate me, both are in my favor. If you love me, i'll always be in your heart. If you hate me, i'll always be in your mind.

11 Feb 2011

500 days of summer.

 Summer Finn: ''There is no such thing as love. It's a fantasy.''
 A girl: ''Can I ask you a question? She never cheated on you? She never took advantage of you in anyway? And she told you up front that she didn't want a boyfriend?''
 Rachel Hansen: ''Look, I know that you think that she was the one, but I don't. Now, I think you're only rembering the good stuff. Next time you look back, I really think you should look again.''
Tom Hansen: ''Why's you dance with me?''
Summer Finn: ''Coz I wanted to.''

Tom Hansen: "You just do what you want, don't you? You never wanted to be someone's girlfriend and now you're somebody's wife."
Summer Finn: ''Surprised me too.''
Tom Hansen: ''I don't think I'll ever understand that. I mean it doesn't make sense.''
Summer Finn: ''It just happened.''
Tom Hansen: ''Right that's what I don't understand. What just happened?''
Summer Finn: ''I just woke up one day and I knew.''
Tom Hansen: ''Knew what?''
Summer Finn: ''What I was never sure of with you.''
Tom Hansen: ''You know what sucks? That everything you believe in is complete and butter bullshit. You know, destiny, soul mates, true love and all that childhood fairytale, nonsense. You were right. I should have listened to you.''
Summer Finn: ''I guess it's coz I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Grey and a guy came up to me and asked me about it. And now he is my husband. So what if I'd gone to the movies? What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch? What if I'd gotten there ten minutes later? It was meant to be and I just kept thinking: Tom was right.''
''To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die'' - There is a light that never goes out | The Smiths.